CYBL Session 4 Junior and Senior Girls Day 2 Hoopdome recap

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Written by Jaspreet Grewal


CYBL Girls Recap – HoopDome Session (03/22/15)

 YAAACE vs. W Toronto Triple Threat (Bobby) (Final Score: 68-53) (Senior)


Canada Elite vs. W No Limit Performance (Final Score: 62-48) (Senior)

Leading Scorers: [No Limit] Haillie Nickerson – (25 pts)
[Canada Elite] 
Tiffany Reynolds – (9 pts)

No Limit Performance looked to rehash their rivalry with Canada Elite in Sunday’s showdown at Downsview Park’s HoopDome.

After a continuous full court press that seemingly never let up, Canada Elite were able to nab the early 20-9 lead, and their persistence didn’t end there. Although Canada Elite’s offence was in a bit of a funk, their defensive intensity and interior presence – against a taller No Limit front court – was remarkably strong.

Canada Elite were able to go into the half with a comfortable 35-17 lead.

But it was in the second half where a perfect storm was brewing for No Limit and Haillie Nickerson- the team’s leader and primary go-to scorer who struggled in the first 18 minutes of regulation. After only scoring six points in the first half, the determined floor general poured in 10 of her 19 second half points in the first ten minutes to eventually cut No Limit’s deficit to two points.

After igniting a 26-11 run for No Limit, Nickerson and company were able to tie the game up. In the ensuing possession No Limit sparked another quick run, this time an 8-0 advantage with only minutes on the clock.

By the end of it, No Limit Performance were able to hold on for the 14 point win, 62-48, over a disappointed Canada Elite club.

The key to No Limit’s win on Sunday was their energy on the offensive glass which created second chance opportunities. It should also be noted that Canada Elite led by as much as 20 points and forfeited the lead due to an inconsistent offense that relied too heavily on isolation basketball and quick shots; and an unwillingness to box out and grab defensive rebounds.


Triple Threat (Dale) vs. Live For Ball (Final Score: 54-51) (Senior)

Leading Scorers: [Triple Threat] Quisosha Lindsay – (18 pts)
[LFB] Justina King – (14 pts)

The Live For Ball senior squad looked to take down a surging Triple Threat (Dale) club in Sunday’s afternoon bout. Both teams matched up pretty evenly which, as a result, allowed for a fun and entertaining game for anyone involved (including the audience).

The first half proved to be somewhat of a struggle for a typically good first half team in LFB. Justina King wasn’t able to sneak through the gaps against Triple Threat like she usually does against other teams. Instead, King was pushed to the perimeter as Triple Threat’s defense was steadfast and determined to shut down all penetrating lanes. But after generating a mini run to take the lead and subsequently increase the deficit, LFB were able to take an eight point advantage, 30-22, into the half.

The final half was a rollercoaster of events as both clubs kept going back and forth over the course of the entire 18 minutes. Triple Threat were able to steal the lead back with nine minutes left in the game and, through the clutch play of Quisoha Lindsay, who knocked down a timely three pointer with a minute to go, they were able to hold on for the 54-51 win.


W Mississauga Basketball Academy vs. Flamborough Fire (Final Score: 42-39) (Senior)

In what turned out to be an all-out defensive affair between two evenly matched clubs, the Flamborough Fire and M.B.A. gave fans a fun and exciting duel.

In this contest, Flamborough, a relatively bigger squad that wants to pound the paint, looked to establish their post presence early against a smaller M.B.A. club. M.B.A. conversely, were resolute on penetrating the gaps on all instances, making Flamborough’s defence scramble frantically.

By the end of the first half, M.B.A. were able to take a five point lead, 22-17, into the break.

The second half was also all M.B.A. as they were able to push the lead to double digits after a few scoring runs.

In the final few minutes or so, Flamborough pushed themselves to their limits as they chipped away at the lead, but M.B.A. held strong and neutralized Flamborough’s final run at a chance for the win.

In the end M.B.A. took home the 42-39 win over Flamborough Fire.


Live For Ball vs. Peel Elite Monstars (Final Score: 37-28) (Junior)

Leading Scorers: [LFB] Meeko Thomas – (15 pts)
                            [Peel Elite] Tatiana Perge – (8 pts)

The Peel Elite Monstars squared off against Live For Ball in the junior division matchup in Sunday’s CYBL session.

Much of the game belonged to LFB as they utilized their quickness and speed over a slower Monstars club.

The Monstars lacked any real on court cohesion or even chemistry as their offensive scheme wasn’t much of a scheme but rather a jumbled offense. LFB were able to take advantage of turnovers and score on transition plays to keep the deficit at large.

It was evident that LFB lacked size against a bigger Monstars team, but because of their systemized offense and the accepted roles amongst their players, it was pretty easy to see who was going to come out victorious, which LFB did in their 37-28 win over the Peel Elite Monstars.


W Educate Train Believe Achieve (ETBA) vs. Motion Lady Ballers (Final Score: 56-53) (Junior)

Perhaps the most entertaining matchup in Sunday’s CYBL HoopDome session came in the junior game between Educate Train Believe Achieve and Motion Lady Ballers.

The first ten minutes were all Motion Lady Ballers as they pushed the ball on every instance, taking advantage of their speed superiority over a slower E.T.B.A. squad. Although they lacked size, Motion Lady Ballers didn’t falter when things got messy down low; instead, the ladies in green blitzed the paint whenever a shot went up, preventing many second chance opportunities.

After a tussle between two players from each team – where one E.T.B.A. player was subsequently ejected- Motion Lady Ballers were able to sneak a six point lead, 23-17, into the second half.

The second half turned out to be a favourable 18 minutes for E.T.B.A. – it also helped that they had extra motivation after one of their teammates was ejected in the previous half.

Although Motion Lady Ballers continued their scoring display for the first ten minutes of the final half – where they sustained their persistent drives and penetration into the paint- E.T.B.A. would be able to counter and make a decisive run in the final eight minutes of regulation.

Shenel Davis put E.T.B.A. on her back as she split the defense and scored on multiple occasions, frustrating an overwhelmed Motion Lady Ballers club.

After gaining momentum and ping-ponging back and forth with each other, E.T.B.A. were able to hold on to the lead and the eventual win after Davis connected on a timely three point basket.

E.T.B.A., as a result, pulled out the 56-53 win over Motion Lady Ballers.


Written by Jas Grewal

Edited by Drew Ebanks

Drew Ebanks

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