Gary Durrant Signs with Verus Management Team

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Gary Durrant & Seth Cohen

TV personality and Former Pro Player Gary Durrant Signs with Verus Management Team; Vows to be a ‘Change Agent’ in Community

Written by Jas Grewal for On Point Basketball

[Toronto] – Toronto community ambassador and former professional basketball player Gary Durrant announced Thursday that he will be joining the highly acclaimed Verus Management Team, a full service sports representation and management firm based in Miami, Florida.

The decision comes after a long and successful career in the basketball world where Durrant served as a player, teacher and currently a community representative assisting the youth and underprivileged.

“It was something I’ve thought about for a long time,” said Durrant when asked if he always desired becoming an NBA agent one day. “I’ve always wanted to do this but it was just a matter of time, God’s timing. I don’t feel like I’m deciding to do this, I feel like I’m being called to do this. I always try to trust God’s timing.”


Well-wishers turned out in support of Gary Durrant

Durrant, who made his announcement at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Dowtown Toronto in front of a close group of friends and family, will be partnering up with Verus Management’s President and current NBA agent Seth Cohen, who currently represents NBA players JaKarr Sampson and Terry Rozier, to name a few.

“It’s very exciting and for a lot of reasons, “ said Cohen. “I was here a couple of months ago for the OVO tournament and without exception, I’m not sure there was one person in the gym, male or female, young or old, that didn’t come over and say hello to Gary, from Tristan Thompson all the way down. So, knowing him off the court like I do, he’s an incredible guy and I’m not sure there’s a bigger heart out there, which is why he’s a great fit for us.”

“Canada, [as] we know right now, is the hotbed for basketball. We’ve built, if I may say so myself, a great reputation for ourselves out in the States and even in Europe, but we didn’t have a presence in Canada. And now we’re not just coming out with a presence in Canada, I feel like we’re coming out with THE presence in Canada,” said an adamant Cohen. “So it’s very exciting working with a close friend and business partner.”


Gary Durrant & Eastern Commerce legend Simeon Mars

Beyond having an integral role in the Toronto basketball community and assisting youth as a Student & Community Liaison with the York Region District School Board, Durrant divides his time between appearances on television, such as NBA TV Canada’s ‘The Hangout’, where he’s a regular guest, and hosting basketball programs and camps for youth all over parts of Ontario, including Toronto and London through his organization, Gary Durrant Basketball.

The former Oakwood standout and 1999 NCAA Slam Dunk Champion was beyond grateful for the opportunity to join and ultimately help grow Cohen’s organization, especially in a surging Canadian basketball market that’s produced two number one overall draft picks over the past three years.

“I can proudly and happily step into this position of representing people’s kids, especially when I’ve lived in this community for a long time,” said Durrant. “I’ve made my life not about me, but about we, about community and children.”

“I’m going to continue to be, what I consider, a change agent in our community. I meet young people all the time and help them set goals, change their outlook and give them hope. The basketball stuff will be an extension of what I’ve been doing.”


Gary and friends

Durrant is well immersed in the basketball universe and has ties with various Canadian basketball personnel. His decision to pursue a career as an NBA agent isn’t a blind one. Instead, the Florida Atlantic University alum is well aware of what’s to come in the near future, and he’s beyond confident in himself.

“I’m very competitive and hardworking, so I know I’ll get clients. I’m not guessing or hoping, I know I’ll get

because we will prove that we are the best firm, between Seth, myself and our other partners, to represent these kids and do a good job for them,” said Durrant.

“We’re not new to the game.”

Written by Jas Grewal

Photos by Reel Moting Imaging

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