Hoop Club TO; a unique basketball collective



Hoop Club is a gathering of individuals from all walks of life, celebrating Toronto’s rich and rapidly growing basketball legacy.
Forming a collective – an alliance – both professionally and personally,
Hoop Club is about sharing resources and ideas, lending support and pushing the game forward.

Revering the path the Toronto game has taken, and re-writing it’s legacy moving forward.
Hoop Club pays tribute to the past, through the leaders of the present,
cementing a solid foundation for the future of the game.

Toronto Raptors President & General Manager Masai Ujiri joined Hoop Club for it’s first event.

#TeamOnPoint’s Drew Ebanks is honoured to be selected to be a part of Hoop Club TO.

Hashtag: #HoopClubTO Twitter: @HoopClubTO

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Courtesy Hoop Club

Drew Ebanks