The Association U15 Girls Roster released

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Newly released Association Girls rosters are loaded with top talent! Check them out!
The Association Canada Gold Team  
Coaching staff:
HC Handel Kipp 
AC Lee anna Osei
AC Michelle Bowen 
AC Amira Joseph  
PDT Alisha Tatham 
The Association Canada Gold Roster:
1. Tiffany Reynolds 5’8
2. Janika Griffith-Wallace 5’8
3. Aiden Rainford 6’1
4. Nikki Ylagan 5’6
5. Makeba Taylor 5’7
6. Akilah Stewart 5’4
7. Nikki Elliott-Gill 5’10
8. Curryl Watson 6’1
9. Ellen Ovgrinov  5’7
10. Courtni Martin 5’4
11. Brianna Iannazzo 5’6
12. Taya Wiggins 5’6
The Association Canada Black team
Coaching staff:
HC Tricia Warwick
AC Jacqueline Simon
PDT Randy Washington
PDT Jason Dawkins
The Association Canada Black Roster:
1. Tianna Warwick 5’6
2. Erica Evangelista 5’7
3. Jalisa Simon 5’8
4. Quiosha Lindsay 5’7 
5. Danielle Reid 5’7
6. Alisha Lowe 5’4 
7. Thaliyah Phillips 5’10
8. Taylor Blair 5’8
9. Rachel Koller 5’8
10. Effe Mae Abban 5’10
Drew Ebanks
Drew Ebanks

Drew Ebanks

Often referred to as Mr. Canada Basketball, Ebanks has been an integral innovator and personality in both amateur and professional basketball. With a High Honours Diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting (Seneca College) and experience in the financial services industry, Ebanks’ diverse educational background and work experience has allowed him to maximize On Point’s potential in becoming a leading basketball media, promotional and lifestyle brand.

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