U15 and U17 National Championships take place in Edmonton, Alberta July 25-30th, 2014

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Moving Forward: U15 and U17 National Championships Sanctioned by the NCAA

Canada Basketball’s U15 and U17 National Championships have officially been sanctioned by the NCAA. The tournament has finally received the recognition it not only deserves, but has been waiting for. It now gives youth the opportunity for recruitment by CCAA, CIS and NCCA scouts and coaches.  The National tournament takes place in Edmonton, Alberta from July 25th – July 30th.

Although this has an obvious positive to it, many critics believe it is a waste of time, due to the Las Vegas Classic that takes place the same weekend from July 23rd – 27th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This tournament has been around for over 20 years and consists of the same age groups.  The problem then arises that many of the scouts will only flock to one tournament or the other, which would most likely be the Las Vegas event.

Now, it is obvious that the United States is elite in all things basketball. They have taken over most leagues from prep schools to NCAA and the NBA is overpowered with American players. However, out of all the Canadian attention and talent that has been buzzing as of late, scouts would be crazy not to attend. Will there be more NCAA scouts and coach in Las Vegas? Most likely. They have more history of talent and athletes. Canada’s tournament will attract its fair share of scouts and coaches, as well, as Canadian basketball culture continues to grow.

What do you think about the National Championships? Do you think this has potential to be a good thing or a waste of time?

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