OPS’ Josh Codinera (Basketball Analyst – US Area) was in attendance for the Grind Session titled All The Smoke Classic from November 18th-20th in Phoenix, AZ. He compiled some notes on scouting his standout players.


Aden Holloway (6’2 Scoring Guard, Prolific Prep – Class of 2023 Auburn Commit)

Standout Traits: Pullup Shooting, PnR Pacing, and Handle

Projected Roles: PnR Primary Initiator, Movement Shooter, and Shooting Floor Spacer

  • Holloway is comfortable pulling up from 3 coming off a screen attacking from either side, smooth L-R or R-L gather with compact mechanics. His compact mechanics allows him to pull up from well behind the 3. Holloway does not get sped up due to his great handle and reactive awareness. 
  • He plays at a comfortable pace to get to his spots – to score or make a play for his teammates. He can play off the ball and is comfortable coming off staggered curl screens to shoot off movement or spot-up shooting off advantages created by his teammates.

Tyran Stokes (6’7 Forward-Wing, Prolific Prep – Class of 2026)

Standout Traits: Two-Way Versatility and Physical Tools – Frame, Strength, and Bounce 

Projected Roles: Multi-Positional Defender and Above the Rim – Play Finisher (Slashing and Cutter from the wing) 

  • Stokes’ 6’7 wide frame and explosiveness off the bounce can be frightening at times. He plays an all-around role for Prolific Prep – has the versatility to defend quick guards using his length and fluid movement skills. He can also defend stronger bigs using his frame to absorb contact. 
  • He has a decent handle for his size and showed the ability to grab-n-go. When he had a runway and momentum, Stokes took off for a couple of highlight poster dunks. Defenses needed to put a body on him on-ball and off-ball, otherwise he would be creating seams for himself with off-the-dribble dunks or put-back slams.

Mike Nwoko (6’9 Forward-Center, Prolific Prep – Class of 2023, Miami Commit)

Standout Traits: Explosiveness above the rim and shooting flashes

Projected Roles: Rim Protector/Drop Defender, Vertical Spacer, and Second Chance Creator 

  • Nwoko is an explosive rim finisher. He has the ability to rise above the rim off one- or two-foot gathers. He is a force on the offensive boards, he can easily swim around box-outs. He was at his best that weekend setting screens and rolling hard to the basket – catching lobs or finishing dunks from the dunker spot. He also flashed the ability to make pick-n-pop 3s when the defense left him open.

Ty-Laur Johnson (6’0 Guard, Our Savior Lutheran – Class of 2023, Memphis Commit)

Standout Traits: Handle, On-Ball Speed

Projected Roles: Primary Advantage Creator and Playmaker, Transition Initiator

  • Johnson was a blur at times, one of the fastest players with and without the ball. He was able to dictate the pace of play, create advantages from a standstill, and put pressure on the rim. He is hard to contain and maintain in-front in transition. In his first game, he finished with 21 PTS (8-12 FG, 2-4 3FG), 8 ASTS, and 2 STLS – showcasing the ability to shoot from distance and make plays for his teammates. 

Drew Fielder (6’9 F, Southern California Academy – Class of 2023, Providence Commit)

Standout Traits: Finish Around Rim, Shooting Touch

Projected Roles: Above/Below Rim Play Finisher and Pick-n-Pop Spacer

  • Fielder is a great play-finisher around the basket. He showcased the ability to play through contact and use his physicality. He had several highlight dunks – finished above the rim attacking from the elbow, showing the ability to dunk with either hand. He has great shooting touch for a big and should have the ability to stretch the floor at the next level. In his first game, he finished with 24 PTS going 12/12 from the FT line. He was a force below the rim, drawing fouls at will against PHHoenix Prep

Marqui Worthy (6’4 G, Veritas Prep – Class of 2023, uMass Commit)

Standout Traits: Poise and Passing Feel

Projected Roles: Connective Guard and Multi-Positional Defender

  • Worthy has great poise under pressure – he has a great feel for processing passing reads. He found ways to hold defenders on his back – snaking pick-n-rolls while making decisions or attacking closeouts to draw help defenders. He has a strong upper body that allows him to stay upright under pressure, quickly turning his head to scan for passes. His strong frame allows him to finish through contact and defend up positions.


Cedric Lath (Balboa School – Houston Commit) – Above-the-rim explosiveness

Kalik Sharpe (Balboa School) – Point of attack defense and on-ball speed

Issac Hymes (PHHoenix Prep) – Shooting touch and length

Bubu Benjamin (Edge School) – Connective passing and defending at the nail (length to deflect in passing lanes)

Jordan McCullum (Huntington Prep) – Clutch shooting and timely defensive plays

Tyler Mason (Minnesota Prep Academy) – Below-the-rim finishing touch

Jason Fontenent Jr (Bella Vista Prep) – Scoring Versatility

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