OPS’ Josh Codinera (Basketball Analyst – US Area) was in attendance for the Grind Session titled Hustle Classic from December 2nd-4th in Los Angeles, CA. He shares his notes on his standout players from the weekend.

Katrelle Harmon (6’4 Combo Guard, BFL Prep – Class of 2026)

Standout Traits: Downhill Slashing Footwork, Coordination, and Handle

Projected Roles: Primary Playmaker, PNR Initiator

  • Harmon has elite set-up footwork to flow into his moves attacking off the dribble. He can slash off the catch or attack off PnR. He likes to use a quick hip swivel before a crossover that allows him to shift the defender to one side and use a long stride/hip flexibility to get past. He has an advanced handle – ability to dribble away from his body – that allows him to get constant paint touches. He also has the anticipation and feel for using varied low or high pick-ups to avoid digs from help or confuse the help defender. 
  • It is very rare for a freshman to have this advanced ability to slash and create advantages off the dribble. He picked up an offer from Pacific University on the same day.

Jason Fontenent Jr (6’5 Scoring Guard, Bella Vista Prep – Class of 2023)

Standout Traits: Set Shooting, Positional Strength 

Projected Roles: PNR Initiator, Second Side Playmaker, Point of Attack Defender, and Floor Spacer

  • Fontenent Jr is a great set shooter, he also showed the ability to hit step-back 3s in end-of-clock situations. His shooting gravity can open lanes for his teammates. He is a physical defender, especially at the point of attack. In one play Fontenent absorbed a strength-creation bump from Tyran Stokes in transition and did not allow the much larger Stokes to punch his way to the rim. 

Kevin De Kovachich (6’4 Combo Guard, Orangeville Prep – Class of 2024)

Standout Traits: Processing speed, motor, and positional size

Projected Roles: PNR Primary Initiator and Second Side Playmaker 

  • DeKovachich did a great job setting up actions and processing reads on both ends quickly – found cutters, rim finishers, or shooters on the weak side. He flashed a great ability to defend off the ball, jumping passing lanes and getting deflections. 
  • He is at best attacking off closeouts and likes to scan for ways to find his teammates – he is able to throw skip passes with either hand. In one of the games, he had a strong all-around performance finishing with 16 PTS, 4 ASTS, and 5 STLS.

Tyler Mason (6’10 Forward/Center, SFBA Trinity – Class of 2023)

Standout Traits: Soft hands catching on the move, Touch around the basket, Passing feel

Projected Roles: PNR Finisher, Drop Defender, and Mid-Post Connector

  • Mason has great touch around the basket – he constantly finds ways to roll into open spaces or cuts into either dunker-spot to finish with his left hand. He has soft hands-on catches and makes smart passes out of the post or on the short roll. He can connect actions on the role or use push shots in the paint around 8-10 feet. 

Baye Fall (6’10 Forward, Accelerated Prep – Class of 2023 Arkansas commit)

Standout Traits: Quick Bounce and Length, Movement Skills for Size – Transition Speed and Ground Coverage

Projected Roles: Rim Protector, Vertical Spacer (Lob Threat), Play Finisher – Roll Threat or Dunker Spot

  • Fall uses his elite length and bounce for altering shots and finishing plays above the rim. Although he has a thinner frame, he is able to beat defenders to his spots to draw fouls. He lived at the FT line, drawing 7 fouls against Bella Vista Prep. He struggled against physicality at times and is unable to score without playing off a team-created advantage. 

David Tubek (6’7 Wing, Dream City Christian – Class of 2023 Memphis commit)

Standout Traits: Positional Length, Shooting Touch

Projected Roles: Floor Spacer, Play Finisher – transition/half-court spot-up 3s and rim finishes via 45 slot slash/cut

  • Tubek has the prototypical combination of size, length, and shooting touch of a 3&D wing. He was at his best attacking in transition, using his length to slash and finish around defenders. When he is defending off-ball in the gaps, he can take away lanes to the rim. He also flashed the ability to hit pull-ups attacking off hard closeouts.

Assane Diop (6’10 Forward, Accelerated Prep – Class of 2023 Colorado commit)

Standout Traits: Team Defense, Length/Communication on Backline, Grab-n-Go, Shooting Flashes

Projected Roles: Rim Protector, DHO Initiator, Mid-post Connector 

  • Diop flashed some shooting upside – he displayed fluid mechanics on a corner catch and shoot 3. He moves under control and efficiently with long controlled strides. He also flashed some ability grab-n-go and initiate actions in the half-court or transition. He has a great motor and constantly wants to encourage teammates. Diop is a smart drop defender, having the ability to stay wide in a mobile defensive stance. He has great anticipation to contest well. 

Christian Jones (6’2 Combo Guard, Our Savior Lutheran – Class of 2023 George Washington commit)

Standout Traits: Spot-Up Shooting

Projected Roles: Floor Spacer, Secondary Playmaker 

  • Jones is a lefty combo guard. He has a smooth quick release on C&S attempts. Fights on rebounds and has the ability to defend up positionally. 

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