The Art of the Dunk: Jordan Kilganon with brother Chase Kilganon.

Sudbury, Ontario native Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon has risen up the ranks in the dunking world in rapid fashion over the last year due to pulling off some of the most awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping dunks on the internet. From the Scorpion dunk to the super-viral lost and found dunk, Kilganon has garnered accolades worldwide and has become a household name in the dunking upper echelon.

His creativity is what sets him apart.

The 23 year old has pretty much one interest: dunking.
He also has a program called Bouncekit to help current and aspiring dunkers reach their peak potential.

Team On Point had the pleasure of seeing this 6’1″ wunderkind display his dunking prowess and interview him in his hometown of Sudbury, Ontario Canada alongside his brother Chase who’s also an up-and-coming dunker.

The Brothers Kilganon displayed some high flying acrobatics and also discussed their lives of which dunking is a major part. Jordan has been able to see the world through dunking and one day hopes to be crowned the best ever.

Join us as On Point Basketball takes you into the lives of one of the most talked about dunkers on the planet, Jordan Kilganon.

Produced by @Drew Ebanks

Hosted by Drew Ebanks
Filmed and Edited by Aaron Navarro
Additional video by RM Photo
Graphics by Mark Sylvain
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Thanks to Jordan, Chase and the Kilganon family for their hospitality.


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