Athlete Institute hosts Midnight Madness Showcase Friday October 30th

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(Orangeville, ON) Athlete Institute announced Monday that they will be hosting their first annual Midnight Madness Showcase on the evening of Friday October 30th 2015 beginning at 6:00pm EST. As the Athlete Institute enters its 5th year of operation, Midnight Madness acts as the perfect precursor to the 2015-16 campaign on this landmark anniversary.

Midnight Madness will be a unique opportunity for coaches and fans alike to experience and witness the immense talent that Athlete Institute’s two teams, A.I. Prep and Orangeville Prep, have to offer. Midnight Madness will be unlike any previous A.I. showcase event, as A.I. Prep and Orangeville Prep will not be facing off against one another. Instead, Athlete Institute is holding an in-house draft whereby members of the two coaching staffs are able to pick from the Athlete Institutes complete pool of talent. This intersquad scrimmage will offer fans the opportunity to see these talented young men in a new and exciting environment.

The evening will be an exciting, lively, and raucous atmosphere with a live DJ, door prizes, fan appreciation give-aways, meet-and-greet with the players and much more. Athlete Institute is also taking the opportunity that this evening provides to show appreciation to all of the hard working teachers and educators from Orangeville District Secondary School (ODSS) for all their tireless efforts in helping A.I.’s athletes achieve their dreams. Furthermore, Athlete Institute will also be recognizing the Orangeville community as a whole, which has welcomed our Academy with open arms since its inception 5 years ago.

The cost for entrance to Midnight Madness will be $1.00 per person at the door, OR one non-perishable food item, to be donated to the Orangeville District Secondary School (ODSS) annual food drive.

The schedule of events for Midnight Madness is as follows:

6:00pm-6:30pm: 3 point shoot-out

  • 1 net,  1 minute, 5 racks w/ one full rack of money balls
  • Tie break = 30 second head-to-head matchup
    • Round 1 – 6 shooters
    • Round 2 – top 3 shooters
    • Round 3 – top 2 shooters
      • 3 rebounders
      • 1 scorekeeper

6:30pm-7:00pm: Dunk-Off

  • Round 1 – 6 dunkers – 1 minute for 1 completed dunk
  • Round 2 – 3 dunkers – 1 minute for 1 dunk – dunk must be assisted by teammate, teacher or coach
  • Round 3 – 2 dunkers – 1 minute for 1 completed dunk

7:00pm-7:30pm: Pre-Game Warm-up
7:30pm-7:50pm: 1st Half
7:50pm-8:05pm: Halftime – Teachers Shooting Stars: 4 teams X (1 player, 1 coach, 1 teacher)

  • Head-to-head on court
  • First team to score from all 4 spots wins
  • 1 minute time limit
  • Tie-breaker = head-to-head teacher free throw – first to hit
  • Must score in sequence – Bank-shot, free throw, 3-ball, half court

8:05pm-8:25pm: 2nd Half

For information please call (519) 940-3735 or visit www.gobears.ca.
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For more information please contact:

Sky Smith
Assistant Coach & Player Development – A.I. Prep
Social Media & Communications – Athlete Institute Basketball Academy
Tel: 416-452-1700
Email: Sky.Smith@AthleteInstitute.ca


Tony McIntyre
Director of Basketball Operations – Athlete Institute Basketball Academy
Tel: 647-883-3797
Email: Tony.Mcintyre@AthleteInstitute.ca

About Athlete Institute: The Athlete Institute Basketball Academy’s mission is to provide exceptional, advanced and state of the art basketball development for high school student athletes looking to make their passion for basketball a reality at the next level. The Academy is a basketball preparatory educational program that prepares post grad and high school student athletes for competition at the postsecondary level. Our student athletes come from all over Canada and the USA to experience guidance in every aspect of their lives, as well as their performance on the court. The Academy team plays tournaments and exhibition games all over North America. The program length runs the duration of the high school year, beginning in September through to June. Our program emphasizes the development of versatility in our members with focus on individual skills, strength & conditioning, nutrition, and game play, to ensure a seamless transition to higher education programs and eliminate “freshman learning curves”.

Courtesy Athlete Institute

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