TORONTO, Ont. (June 16, 2020) – Canada Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball Canada are pleased to announce the release of “Back To Basketball”, a multi-phased guide to the safe resumption of basketball in Canada.  The return to basketball will not be linear and will require flexibility, additional accommodations and responses as cases of COVID-19 in the community continue to develop.

Back to Basketball: Return to Sport Guidelines (Version 1.0)

This document is the first in a multi-versioned set of documents, intended for use by our Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSO) members, sport partners and the broader basketball community. Players, coaches, officials, support staff, and administrators will all play a critical role in combating the spread of COVID-19, both on and off the court.  The most up to date version of the document will be available on both the Canada Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball Canada websites.

The two organizations assembled a task force to develop these requirements, which includes medical doctors and our team physicians, athletic therapists, sports scientists, as well as basketball operations directors who understand the sport of basketball and the unique risks it presents.

Canada Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball Canada would also like to extend our appreciation to the National COVID-19 Return to High Performance Sport Task Force.  This document is based on the National Return to Sport Framework they developed, as well as the recommendations outlined in the FIBA COVID-19 Restart Guidelines for National Federations.

Furthermore, after reviewing this document, we also strongly encourage clubs to complete the Club Risk Assessment and Club Mitigation Checklist Tool and to develop a plan that takes into consideration their own unique needs and circumstances before returning to train.

Back to Basketball Task Force

Men’s and Women’s High Performance Medical / Paramedical Advisors: 

Dr. Doug Richards – CSIO Chief Medical Officer, Women’s NextGen Lead Physician

Dr. Marni Wesner – Team Physician, Senior Women’s National Team

Dr. John Philpott – Team Physician, Senior Men’s National Team

Dr. Steven Dilkas – Team Physician, Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Dr. Andrew Pipe – FIBA Medical Council 

Samuel Gibbs – IST Lead / Athletic Therapist, Senior Men’s National Team

Rhonda Shishkin – Physiotherapist, Senior Women’s National Team

Brett Nagata – Lead Therapist, Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Lauren Buschmann – IST Manager/Sport Scientist, Women’s High Performance

Bryce Tully – CSI-Atlantic & Senior Women’s National Team Mental Performance Consultant

Canada Basketball / Wheelchair Basketball Canada representatives:

Rowan Barrett – General Manager / Executive Vice-President, Senior Men’s Program

Denise Dignard – Director, Women’s High Performance

Jeff Dunbrack – High Performance Director, Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Courtesy Canada Basketball

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