CYBL Junior and Senior Girls Session 2 Day 2 Recap

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Written by Jas Grewal

Canadian Youth Basketball League

CYBL Session 2 Day 2 Recap

Sunday, February 1st marked the second day of Session 2 Junior & Senior girls divisions of the Canadian Youth Basketball League (CYBL) at Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, On. On day two of of Session 2 Canada Elite maintained their excellent play with a pair of wins to place them atop the Senior girls division at 7-0, while the buoyant and strong-willed Jayhawks finished with a leading 7-1 record in the competitive Junior girls division. No Limit Performance is also a squad to watch sitting at 7-1 so far in the Senior circuit. Motion Lady ballers are 6-2 after session 2 and look to make some noise in session 3 on Feb 21-22 at Waterdown District High School in Hamilton, Ontario. On Point is looking forward to seeing the action in session 3! Good luck to all participating teams.



Senior Girls – 2015 (As of Feb 1st after Session 2)








Canada Elite 7 0 0 1.000 7
No Limit Performance 7 1 0 .875 .5 8
Triple Threat (Dale) 5 3 0 .625 2.5 8
Flamborough Fire 4 4 0 .500 3.5 8
Live For Ball 4 4 0 .500 3.5 8
Mississauga Basketball Academy 2 6 0 .250 5.5 8
Triple Threat(Bobby) 2 6 0 .250 5.5 8
YAAACE 0 7 0 .000 7.0 7


Junior Girls – 2015 (As of Feb 1st after Session 2)








Jayhawks 7 1 0 .875 8
Motion Lady Ballers 6 2 0 .750 1.0 8
Educate Train Believe Achieve (ETBA) 5 3 0 .625 2.0 8
Angiels Basketball 4 4 0 .500 3.0 8
Peel Elite Monstars 1 7 0 .125 6.0 8
Live For Ball 1 7 0 .125 6.0 8


The two day event – which looked to showcase some of the top young female talent in the province – allowed onlookers to get a feel for the growth and sheer talent that has burgeoned out of the this country over the past few years, particularly within the High School ranks.

As advertised, games were entertaining, competitive, and most of all, a testament to how far Canadian basketball has come and continues to grow the game of hoops.


Triple Threat (Dale) vs. W Canada Elite (Final: 60-22)

Leading Scorers: [Triple Threat – Dale] Tianna Warwick – (4 pts)
[Canada Elite] Angeline Campbell (16 pts) & Tiffany Reynolds (12 pts)

Canada Elite were on hot pursuit Sunday morning as they looked resolute to score a heap of points in the opening half and, subsequently, all game. Angeline Campbell maintained her stellar play as she took the onus to slash and drive inside continually throughout the game. Although Campbell and Reynolds led the way on the scoring end it was a thorough team effort on behalf of the girls in black. Unceasing full court pressure and forced turnovers on the ball were key to Canada Elite’s win over Triple Threat (Dale). Janika Griffith was also impressive in the win as she proved to be a jack of all trades with respect to her rebounding, passing and shooting ability. All in all, Canada Elite proved to be too talented for an undersized Triple Threat team.

W Triple Threat (DALE) vs. YAAACE (Final: 51-49)

Leading Scorers: [Triple Threat Dale] Danielle Volt – (14 pts) & Tekayah Edwards (10 pts)
[YAAACE] Chynel M (20 pts)

After a tough loss against a talented and bigger-sized Canada Elite squad, Triple Threat (Dale) looked to turn the tide against a capable but inexperienced YAAACE team. Danielle Volt showed viewers her resiliency and overall vigor as she steered the ship for the ladies in yellow. Her balanced scoring output coupled with great perimeter defence against an unwavering YAAACE club proved to be the turning point in the two point win for Triple Threat. Chynel M was impressive in the loss for YAAACE. She was able to help counter several scoring runs made by Triple Threat with some of her own tough baskets both inside and on the perimeter. Chynel was all over the floor for YAAACE, seemingly connecting on contested three pointers, creating opportunities for her teammates on the break, and just simply playing tenacious, persistent defence.


W No Limit Performance Vs. Flamborough Fire (64-44)

Leading Scorers: [No Limit Performance] Megan Macleod – (15 pts) & Hallie Nickerson (15 pts)
[Flamborough Fire] Alexa S. – ( 9 pts)

No Limit Performance extended their winning record with a 20 point blowout win over the Flamborough Fire. Hallie Nickerson – quite possibly the top guard in the tournament save for a couple of highly touted players on Canada Elite – epitomized how to play fundamental basketball and pull out the win while doing it. Although Macleod was unstoppable in her pursuit of scoring the basketball, Nickerson’s ability to lead a team her team at such a tender age is almost unparalleled. She has leader instincts and it was widely apparent during her many scoring and passing opportunities. Flamborough – although not the most talented team – is an extremely well-coached and fundamentally sound team. There was no “I” in team for the ladies in red, but there was one in Hallie – a force to be reckoned with.


W Live for Ball vs. Triple Threat (Bobby) (57-54)

Leading Scorers: [Live for Ball] Justina King – (18 pts)
[Triple Threat] Jalisa Simons – (15 pts)

In probably one of the more entertaining and closely matched games, Live for Ball (LFB) was able to edge out an unyielding Triple Threat (Bobby) club. LFB’s on court general Justina King proved to be too much for Simons and company. Not only was King excellent in governing the point guard duties but she was also persistent in her attack against Triple Threat’s weaker interior defence. Her balanced scoring and her team first mentality enabled LFB to pull out the close win.

W Canada Elite vs Mississauga Basketball Academy (98-50)

Leading Scorers: [Canada Elite] Angeline Campbell – (29 pts) & Tiffany Reynolds – (18 pts)
[MBA] Josipa Auric – (13 pts) & Makina Youwakim – (12 pts)

In perhaps the biggest mismatch all night – both talent and size-wise – Canada Elite put the hammer down against an overwhelmed MBA team. Campbell and company took a quick lead in the first two minutes and never looked back. Although MBA were solid on the offensive end of the floor, it was on the defensive side where things got messy. Canada Elite proved once again why they were head and shoulders above every other team at the CYBL tournament. Campbell, Reynolds and (Emani) Clough had their way all night against MBA and demonstrated why they should be in the discussion of top players at the CYBL tournament (and, of course, the province as a whole within their respective age group).

YAAACE vs W Flamborough Fire (61-57)

Leading Scorers: [Flamborough] Kathleen H. – (10 pts)
[YAAACE] – (Serenity P.) – (14 pts)

In another close matinee against a team oriented Flamborough Fire squad who showed why they’re a force to be reckoned with, YAAACE found themselves on the short end of the stick as they were unable to close out the game in the final few minutes. Kathleen H. and company were able force a myriad of tough shots near the latter part of the game and subsequently help push the lead to four. In the end it was Flamborough’s ‘every person touches the ball’ mentality and overall unselfishness that allowed them to edge out YAAACE. Four players for the Fire scored eight or more points in the close win.


W Live for Ball vs Mississauga Basketball Academy (57-40)

Leading Scorers: [LFB] Justina King – (13 pts)
[MBA] Josipa Auric – (13 pts)

Live for Ball finished a perfect 2-0 on Day 2 of of the CYBL’s second session as they took care of business against Mississauga Basketball Academy. King continued with her stellar play as she chipped in with a healthy 13 point scoring output. Auric did her best to counter LFB’S continuous onslaught on the offensive end but LFB were determined to win by double digits – which they successfully did.


Triple Threat (Bobby) vs W No Limit Performance (50-45)

Leading Scorers: [No Limit Performance] Hallie Nickerson – (16 pts)
[Triple Threat] Akilah Stewart – (12 pts)

In another game that came down to the final few minutes, No Limit Performance played an all-around, well balanced game that saw Nickerson dominate once again. In reality, Nickerson’s point total could have been much higher if not for her unselfish and team first disposition. Similar to the game against the Flamborough Fire, Nickerson led the charge on both ends of the floor, seemingly scoring at will while at the same time forcing key turnovers. The No Limit Performance coaching staff has been phenomenal in encouraging a fundamental style of basketball which, as a result, has been condusive to their success.  _____________________________________________________________________________________



W Jayhawks vs Peel Elite Monstars (53-19)

Leading Scorers: [Jayhawks] Areej Burgono – (10 pts)
  [Peel Elite] Ciera Thompson – (7 pts)

The Jayhawks – behind a conservative offensive night from Burgono and (Alyssa) Dorsey – found themselves in the winning column after putting the pedal to the metal against the struggling Peel Elite Monstars- who were winless in five games during the first CYBL session. The first half, which saw the Hawks take a commanding lead (35-7) after 18 minutes, mirrored what occurred during the second half – where the Hawks muffled the Monstars with their perimeter defense and thus negated any opportunities for Peel Elite to drive the ball to the basket.

Live for Ball vs W Educate Train Believe Achieve  (41-34)

Leading Scorers: [Educate/Achieve] Britney English – (12 pts)
[LFB] Shakiya Stephens – (10 pts)

Educate, Train, Believe, Achieve maintained their ascendancy as one of the top teams in the Junior girls division with a seven point win over Live for Ball. What was expected to be a commanding win for a superior E.T.B.A squad turned into a heated battle between two competitive teams. English played her role in the win with a nice scoring output while Stephens did her best to counter the constant attack-mode mentality put on by E.T.B.A.


W Motion Lady Ballers vs Angiels Basketball (67-49)

Leading Scorers: [Motion Lady Ballers] Teija Wahid – (15 pts) & Jasnook Verma (15 pts)
[Angiels Basketball] Chelsea Torregosa – (20 pts)

After being down at halftime by two points, the Motion Lady Ballers took over during the second half of their 18 point win over Angiels Basketball. Verma was a beast down low in the interior as no one with comparable height or length could bother her dominance. Both Verma and Wahid scored consistently throughout the game. The Motion Lady Ballers upped their intensity on the defensive end in the second half to help secure the win.

W Motion Lady Ballers vs Jayhawks (57-55)

Leading Scorers: [Motion Lady Ballers] Osa Ralladi – (19 pts)
[Jayhawks] Mikayla Samuels – (18 pts)

Definitely considered the most entertaining and competitive matchup at the CYBL tournament on Sunday, the Jay Hawks two point loss to the Motion Lady Ballers was a bit of a surprise – especially considering the fact that the Hawks were undefeated prior to the matinee. Instead of Wahid and Verma taking control on the scoring end, it was Ralladi who displayed excellence against a disciplined Hawks defence, especially in the first half where she poured in 13 of her 18 points.


Educate Train Believe Achieve vs W Peel Elite Monstars (34-32)

Leading Scorers: [Peel Elite] Tatiana Purge – (11 pts)
[E.T.B.A.] Britney English – (17 pts)

After a tough journey for the Peel Elite Monstars – who came into Sunday morning with a 0-5 start of  the CYBL circuit – Purge and company were able to subdue the offensive onslaught by ETBA’s Britney English. The Monstars – behind a competent and well-knowledgeable head coach – were able to grind their way to a two point win, releasing them of their ‘winless team’ connotation.


Live for Ball vs W Angiels Basketball (52-45)

Leading Scorers: [Angiels Basketball] McKayla Gabayno – (18 pts) & Nicole Cebuano – (19 pts)
[LFB] Alyssa Alvin – (10 pts)

Angiels Basketball were able to pull out an impressive comeback victory against LFB after being down 10 (24-14) at half. Behind a second half scoring surge from Gabayno and Cebuano, Angiels made it a mission to win the game in the final 18 minutes. In doing so, they helped ignite a 38-21 run in the second half which led to the eventual seven point win.

Written & Compiled by Jas Grewal

Photos Courtesy of Reel Motion Imaging(@RonnieMexx)

Edited by Drew Ebanks

Special Thanks to Chris Skinner of the CYBL

Drew Ebanks

Drew Ebanks

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