Grit Media’s ‘Heart of the City’ 6-part series hosted by Devin Williams includes Toronto episode

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GRIT Media x Devin Williams present: Heart of the City (A 6-Part Series)

Devin Williams travels to 6 cities to discover each area’s unique basketball culture and top basketball influencers (NBA players, top prospects, skills trainers).

Each city’s basketball culture is completely different. DALLAS is greatly influenced by the physicality of football. LOS ANGELES basketball is flashy and scoring-oriented because of Kobe. WASHINGTON DC has become a pipeline of NBA talent. SEATTLE basketball is a small, but tight-knit brotherhood. CHICAGO basketball has developed a toughness through its rough neighbourhoods. TORONTO is home to rising stars and quickly making a name for itself.

The 1st episode will be released on GRIT Media’s Youtube Channel on Sunday, July 5th at 5:00PM PST. There will also be city giveaways: Beats Headphones, Nike iD shoes, exclusive Shift Team gear, and more.

Youtube description:

“Heart of the City” is a documentary web series that tells the story of 6 North American cities through the lens of basketball. Each episode focuses on a different city and throws the viewer into the middle of the hoops scene. Every journey needs a guide and ours is Devin Williams of Shift Team HQ. Devin is a trainer, a former player, and a student of the game.

Throughout the series, Devin watches up-and-coming local players try to become the city’s best and spends time in the gym with top trainers and coaches.

But that’s not it… We also dive deeper into the day-to-day lives of the characters who define the game in their city. We see what their lives look like. Where they come from. Where they’re going. What drives them. It’s a ground-level, slice of life approach that, at the end of an episode, is both a pulse-taking of each city’s basketball culture, but also a portrait of that city itself.

We’ll announce the first city being released Sunday, June 21st. SUBSCRIBE to know when the each episode drops here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe–


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Drew Ebanks

Drew Ebanks

Drew Ebanks

Often referred to as Mr. Canada Basketball, Ebanks has been an integral innovator and personality in both amateur and professional basketball. With a High Honours Diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting (Seneca College) and experience in the financial services industry, Ebanks’ diverse educational background and work experience has allowed him to maximize On Point’s potential in becoming a leading basketball media, promotional and lifestyle brand.

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