On Point Basketball is proud to be the organization that will be selecting Team Canada which will compete in the JUMP10 tournament in Shanghai, China.


The selection will take place after a combine on Saturday May 12th, 2018 at 3pm at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre in Scarborough, Ontario. Team Canada will send 8 players and 2 coaches to compete in this exciting and unique basketball event. The event is from August 16th-19th, 2018. The winning team collects $100,000 USD. The finalists collect $30,000 USD. Third Place.

***Players attending the combine are responsible for a $20 combine fee and if selected for the final roster, their own Chinese Visa’s (approx. $100-210 with fees). Selected players’ airfare to China, transportation, accommodations, meals are provided by JUMP10.

Visa Services Canada site/information for reference click HERE

Team Canada finished 2nd in 2017’s tourney and will look to take the next step and bring home the Championship this time around! High level ballers circle May 12th on your calendar because it’s going to be a special day for basketball in Canada. More information to come including registration information and combine details.

Partners involved include Paper, Crane & Co., WAVV Global Headphones, MCup Basketball, Mega City Basketball, The Health Institute (THI) GP8 Oxygen Water, Barnburner and the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.


***PLAYERS Click HERE to register in advance***

For additional combine information and/or sponsorship inquiries:

Please email Ashleigh Martin at businessdev@onpointbasketball.com and/or info@onpointbasketball.com

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JUMP10 World Hoops Challenge, founded in 2016, the one and only world-class folk basketball challenge in Asia, started by local Chinese ballers.

About the JUMP10 brand

JUMP -Basketball is a sport involved jumping;

10-10 seconds to speed up adrenaline, 10 warriors to conquer this court, 10 feet is the height from the floor to the rim, the distance to achieve the dream.

JUMP10 is all about gathering ballers all over the nation, after they receive intense training from a team of professional coaches, they are expected to play against elite teams from various countries. We ought to expose those amateurs to the basketball cultural charm, meanwhile, give a hand to the course of Chinese basketball development. Here, ball masters from each corner could play against, learn from, become friends even brothers with one another.

JUMP10 is a platform for basketball communication with an international standard, through which domestic amateurs could compare with world-class players. At the same time, players from other counties are able to know thoroughly about the development of the Chinese basketball industry. With the success holding of 2016 JUMP 10 event, this year we will enlarge the scale of the event, and divide the matches throughout the whole year into Selection, elite camp and the final tournament.

Championship Rings

JUMP10 Worldwide Selection

The Selection series begin in March and end in July 2017, taking place in 16 cities in China and 12 cities and countries in Europe, USA and the Asia Pacific areas. With the Team China selection series, those distinguished ones are very likely to be selected into the elite camp. For those who audition overseas, the winner will represent their nation to compete in the 2018 JUMP10 World Hoop Challenge Tournament.

JUMP10 Training Camp

This year, the JUMP10 training camp will continue the last two years’ strong line-up, an experienced coaching team led by the former NBA player Audie Norris. The 48 Chinese players with be coached by the most comprehensive and professional training. 32 players will be chosen to form 4 teams representing China and compete against teams from 20 countries covering 5 continents, fighting for the 2018 JUMP10 Championship.

Shamar Coombs

Great world powers gather together in Shanghai.

2018 JUMP10 World Hoops Challenge will take place at the Shanghai landmark Expo site from August 16th to 19th, at the unique venue with a view of Huangpu River and a capacity of 3,000 seats. Apart from those 4 Chinese teams, 12 international teams will participate in it as well. The match has adapted a unique and original games rule, in order to tight up the tempo of the game, making the results unpredictable. Most final players have a professional basketball background, and the total amount of bonus reaches highly at $200,000.

About the founders

Andy Wu, vice president of Rucker Sports development Ltd. Shanghai, who’s in charge of the organization and the carry-out of international sports events, promotion of the company’s brand name, development and sales of the sports products with a 12-year working experience in the branded sports company. He once was the project leader in some huge scale events of NBA China, Reebok, 361°, etc.

Event info courtesy JUMP10 

Photos courtesy of JUMP10

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