Last week, Sunrise Christian Academy Forward Spencer Ahrens was named to the Basketball Without Borders Global Camp Roster set to take place in Indianapolis, Indiana during the NBA All-Star Weekend from February 16th to 18th, 2024. The 6’9 frontcourt former member of PEDSDMD Elite took time to chat with On Point Scouting (OPS) to share an update on his season.

With the BWB call coming through the Team Canada Brass, Ahrens admits being named on the roster was one of his top goals for the past 3 years, ever since he started High School.

I want to go over there and have fun but also, it’s time to show out” he tells OPS with a smile.

Changing High Schools requires adjustments for anyone, let alone somebody involved in an Athletic Program. Even more so when said change includes a major levelling up in regular strength of competition by playing in the EYBL Scholastic League (formerly known as the NIBC). Ahrens admits he has been on a journey to adapt, adjust and improve. In his mind, there wasn’t just one major adjustment to make. It was a combination of things between new coaches, playing style and levelling up in competition.

“There’s been a lot of ups and downs but it’s on an upward trend right now. I started slow this season but I’ve been working on getting better constantly. I like the way things are trending right now and for these next two games (EYBL Scholastic matchups vs Link Academy on Thursday February 15th & Wasatch Academy on Friday February 16th both games broadcasted on ESPN+), I’d like to show what I’ve been working on throughout the year.”

His prior coach at PEDSDMD Elite, Errol Patterson, believes leadership and defence is where he’s seen the Sunrise upperclassman take a step forward.

Spencer has always been more of a leader through his actions. His next step in his maturation this year has been using his voice to be more vocal on the court during dead balls, timeouts and other game situations. On defence, I like to use the word activated to describe his improvement. He is increasingly more alert as a weakside helper, closes out possessions with defensive rebounds and is limiting his fouling by staying disciplined on opponent’s pump fakes.”

Post-BWB Camp, his focus will shift to EYBLS games as well as upcoming matchups against Top 10 Nationally-ranked teams to close out the season before the playoffs.

Although he hasn’t finalized any commitment to an AAU program (“I’m still considering everything on the table” he says), there is no doubt that being a part of this year’s Team Canada U18 FIBA Americas team is one of his goals. Specifically, he hopes that his shooting ability could be an asset to the team. In terms of lessons learned from such potential experience, a few stand out to him.

“I’m looking to learn more about (the renowned) physicality at the FIBA level. There are also different rules and all that looking to learn about that type of stuff. It would be a big personal achievement to have the chance to play at the international level. It’s a lot different than playing in the States, so it would be cool to go up to measure up (against the world’s best).”

In terms of an update in his recruitment, Ahrens mentions the previous offers from Michigan, Nebraska, Xavier, Georgetown, Missouri, Illinois, Georgetown and Seton Hall are still all under consideration. No new school offers to add recently and all the formers have been in touch in some shape or form recently, without one of them necessarily standing out in terms of frequency.

“I’m planning on taking some visits after the (High School) season’s done. I haven’t officially set any of them up but undoubtedly will do so as soon as the season is done. Unsure of the timing, but I’ll figure it out.”

Likewise, regarding any potential reclassification to the class of 2024, Ahrens confirms a decision will take place during the summer after consulting with his family and coaches.

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