(Toronto, Canada) R.J. Barrett, Andrew Nembhard Luguentz Dort and A.J. Lawson will headline the upcoming Inaugural Signature All-Canadian Showcase at 7pm est. on Monday April 23rd, 2018 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, On. The game also features the superbly talented Joel Brown, Keshaun Saunders, Noah Kirkwood, Franco Miller Jr., Emmanuel Miller, Quincy Guerrier, Jahbril Pryce-Noel, Jahcobi Neath and Tyrese Samuel amongst others.

The event is NBA sanctioned, and it’s been reported that at least 30 NBA scouts will be on hand to examine the top Canadian talent on display. The game will also be streamed by North Pole Hoops.

Per Signature ASC Website: 

Duke Commit RJ Barrett, projected #1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, will headline the inaugural Signature All-Canadian Showcase, to be held on April 23 in Mississauga at the Hershey Centre. This game will feature 24 elite Canadian Basketball prospects, from coast-to-coast. It’s an NBA certified event allowing scouts to attend and evaluate pro talent from the north.

The inaugural Signature All-Canadian Showcase basketball game will consist of the top Canadian ranked junior and senior boys basketball players in their respective classes.  Fans, scouts and NBA representatives will be attending the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, April 23rd 2018, or watching the online stream to see the best high school basketball players from Canada go ‘head to head’ against each other to claim the inaugural ‘2018 Signature All-Canadian Showcase’ championship trophy.

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Signature All-Canadian Showcase Roster

Andrew Nembhard-Montverde Academy-Aurora, On 6-4 2018
Rowan Barrett Jr.-Montverde Academy-Mississauga, On 6-7 2018
Patrick Emilien-Toronto Basketball Academy-Etobicoke, On 6-7 2018
Adong Makuoi-TRC Academy-Edmonton, AB 6-8 2018
Fardaws Aimaq-Bridgton Academy-Richmond, BC 6-9 2018
Jashon Henry-Notre Dame-Saskatoon, SK 6-5 2018
Kaosi Ezeagu-GTA Prep-Brampton, On 6-9 2018
Noah Kirkwood-Northfield Mount Hermon-Kanata, On 6-6 2018
Franco Miller Jr.-Crestwood Prep-Freeport Bahamas 6-3 2018
Keshaun Saunders-Orangeville Prep-Brampton, On 6-5 2018
Eze Dike-Kimbal Union Academy-Montreal, QC 6-2 2018
Joel Brown-Brewster Academy-Brampton, On 6-2 2019
A.J. Lawson-GTA Prep-Brampton, On 6-7 2019
Quincy Guerrier-Thetford Academy-Montreal, QC 6-7 2019
Jahbril Pryce-Noel-Southwest Christian Academy-Scarborough, On 6-7 2018
Tyrese Samuel-Wasatch Academy-Montreal, QC 6-9 2019
Brandon John-TRC Academy-Brantford, On 6-9 2018
Jacobi Neath-Crestwood Prep-Toronto, On 6-3 2019
Jaden Bediako-Ridley Prep-Brampton, On 6-9 2019
Emanuel Miller-La Lumiere-Unionville, On 6-7 2019
Isaiah Bujdoso-Sunrise Christian-Hamilton, On 6-3 2018
Khaleem Bennett-Sunrise Christian-Hamilton, On 6-4 2018
David Muila-Canada Top Flight Academy-Ottawa, On 6-8 2018
Aiden Warnholtz-Canada Top Flight Academy-Ottawa, On 6-3 2019


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Courtesy Signature All-Canadian Showcase


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