What feels like the inevitable has happened to the Toronto Raptors. Their Sunday evening matchup against first-time All-Star Zach Lavine’s Chicago Bulls has been postponed due to the NBA’s “Health and Safety Protocol”

As per usual, the league has not disclosed exactly what has happened or which players or members of staff were at the origin of the game being rescheduled. This did in fact have somewhat of a ticking time bomb sensation to it after Toronto had already announced that Pascal Siakam missed his team’s win over the Houston Rockets on Friday due to what the Association has been referring to as “contact tracing”. 

This is nothing new for NBA fans this season as several oppositions each week have had to go through the same process, some of them still having to be played. 

No new date has been provided yet for when the Raptors will be able to compete against the Bulls next. However, with the All-Star break around the corner, it seems unlikely we will see Toronto in action until all the players come back from Atlanta or wherever they are spending their short hiatus. 

Written by Thomas Debost 

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