SD Training offering free team skills training sessions

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SD Training
I’d like to present you with an opportunity for your Jr.& Sr. Basketball teams to participate in an intense skill development session with SD training.
We would like to offer your team(s) a free training session in your school gym/practice facility to give your players the SD experience.
From there they can decide to pursue SD training camps or you can have SD come in to do skill development with your team.
SD TRAINING has been training athletes for over 10 years. Working with players and teams from Professional, University/College, High School, Elementary, REP, OBA and Novice levels.
No matter what level the player, we push them outside their comfort zone and help them reach their basketball goals.
Our commitment is to bring an intense energy to every training session helping players to strengthen their skill base, confidence and work ethic on and off the court!
We focus on building the athletes’ skills and teaching them how to apply these in a game.
SD TRAINING will teach you how to apply yourself in practice and get the most out of your time by emphasizing QUALITY over QUANTITY to maximize your performance on the court.
Please email me back to book your team’s FREE SKILLS SESSION today!
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Drew Ebanks
Drew Ebanks

Drew Ebanks

Often referred to as Mr. Canada Basketball, Ebanks has been an integral innovator and personality in both amateur and professional basketball. With a High Honours Diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting (Seneca College) and experience in the financial services industry, Ebanks’ diverse educational background and work experience has allowed him to maximize On Point’s potential in becoming a leading basketball media, promotional and lifestyle brand.

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