Considered by On3 as the top player in the 2026 class in their latest March rankings, it was no surprise that Guard Brandon McCoy was invited to 2024 USAB Final Four Camp. With every High Major Program attempting to court him to campus, there is no doubt he will have “his pick of the litter”. Ahead of checking back with him at this year’s USAB camp, below is an excerpt to OPS’ Dave Monaco’s interview from last year’s USAB Mini-Camp.

OPS’ Dave Monaco: Share (with us) where you’re from.

Brandon McCoy: I’m from Oakland (California). I’m currently living in LA, just moved there two months ago. 

OPS: What was it like growing up in Oakland where basketball is so popular?

BM: It’s (very) hard. I got good trainers that (helped me improve) more than most.

OPS: (In regards to) your skillset, you’re active (defending) in transition. Who are some of the players that you model your game after? 

BM: (I would say) Paul George, Dejounte Murray and Gary Payton Jr. 

OPS: At camps (like USAB), you can showcase (some of your abilities), but there’s still a lot of your game that you’re not able to show because of the format of (the event). If you were to talk to a coach, what’s something that maybe they didn’t see today, but is a part of your game?

BM:  Definitely, my passing. Today, I was a little “off” on the offensive side, but my passing (skills) are really good (in my opinion). I think it’s better than my defence, but I was still able to showcase my defence (today). 

OPS: Many legendary players have played for (the cadet/junior) Team USA. What does it mean to you to be here (at USAB Camp) and have a chance to follow in their footsteps? 

BM: It means everything. My goal is to (play) in the NBA, and I know a lot of players went through (this team) to get there.

OPS: It’s been a few days here competing against the best. What did you learn from this experience? What did you learn about yourself? 

BM: I’m mentally strong. It was a long, tiring weekend. I feel like I (performed) pretty good and I’m still (in a good place mentally). 

OPS: As we are here on Day 3 (of the camp), what are adjustments that you had to make today in comparison to the first two days? 

BM: (I would say adjusting to) playing with (so many good players). Everybody is here for a reason and everybody’s good. I gotta get used to playing with (all of) them. 

OPS: Everyone has a different inspiration. What gets you up in the morning? What makes you want to compete at the highest level? 

BM: My mom and my dad. Both my parents worked really hard for me to get here and have everything that I have. Having them being a part of my life motivates me every day. 

OPS: What do you like to do off the court, when you have a little bit of time to relax?

BM: I literally just sleep. Hoop and sleep. That’s about it (laughs).

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