Toronto, ON (October 21st, 2022) – Today producer and Toronto Raptors official DJ 4KORNERS releases his highly anticipated debut full-length album 4KORNERS of the World . This new album is destined to make waves not just throughout Canada, but around the world. Literally. The nine song release takes listeners on a musical journey around the globe, featuring noteworthy guest artists with cultural roots in various corners of the world, including Nigeria, UK, Jamaica, Canada, and Japan, while seamlessly connecting a multiplicity of contemporary sounds and genres including afrobeats, dancehall, trap, soca, Brazilian funk, EDM, UK drill, and Amapiano among others.

“This project is a musical journey around the world and a portrait of my city Toronto – the most multicultural city on the planet – and serves as a collection of songs and feelings that live within me as a result of touring globally as a DJ over the past decade,” says the award-winning Toronto Raptors official DJ (he’s been with the 2019 World Champions since 2005) who has DJ’d a laundry list of notable A-list events around the world, including the Olympic Games, Cannes Film Festival, London Fashion Week, Abu Dhabi Formula One, and who has collaborated with and hosted events for industry heavyweights including Drake, Kanye West, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, P Diddy, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez, among others. “At the core of my creative process is collaboration, and as a DJ I see myself as a conduit for talent, with breaking records and artists as a major focus. Now that I’ve been creating the music myself, I’ve been able to level up that ideal by putting emerging and established artists on songs and stages with me. Naturally, for this project, it was only right that I brought in some of the dopest women and men I know, from various cultural backgrounds, to write these incredible records with me!” 4Korners musical tastemaking abilities has already played a significant role on the local live events scene, and for his project that meant enlisting the talents of a number of buzzworthy guest vocalists and artists from across Canada, including EverythingOSHauN, Odreii and Pako, Temia, Fafa Khan and Ashton Adams, Bolu Ajibade and Omaremii, in addition to Skales from Lagos (Nigeria).

“Being the first Canadian born member of my Trinidadian family, I was intentional in my selections, focusing heavily on Canadian talent who were born abroad, or are first generation Canadians like me, and who come from cities across the country like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, and to mix that with contributions from artists from Nigeria (Skales) for example.” 4KORNERS’ natural propensity for mixing and matching talents and sounds ensures that 4KORNERS of the World blends into one cohesive awe-inspiring album. He adds: “this is what music means to me!”



4KORNERS of the World 



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